Sundays at Six presents Genetics — Aug 20

The Alamosa Live Music Association is pleased to present Genetics at Sundays at Six, August 20, in Cole Park, Alamosa. This Denver-based progressive rock band is sure to put on a great show!

Genetics consists of four gentlemen from Michigan who decided to move to Colorado with a massive sound, and ready or not, they have hit the ground running. Their complex music with its heavy composition and heavy improvisation, combined with their wide scope of influences shimmering through their dynamic performance, makes for an amazing and unique live music experience.

They have made quite a footprint in the last year alone, not only playing the inaugural Arise music festival but also opening up for acts such as George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Toubab Krewe, Particle, Michael Kang (of SCI), David Murphy (formerly of STS9), Chuck Morris (of Nunchuck and Lotus), Dr.Fameus (Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits), Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Dopapod, Twiddle, and many more..

Genetics puts their all into every performance, and people are starting to talk. And with a full length album in the works, and shows at bigger and bigger venues in BOTH Colorado and their home-state of Michigan, Genetics is preparing for a full-scale American brain-invasion. Go see them live; no matter what you’re into, you’ll leave satisfied.

Genetics is officially unveiling its second full-length album, Beast Mountain. Beast Mountain elaborates on the floaty-with-an-edge composition style, with plenty of unexpected twists and complex melodic layers. But this album also boasts a larger mission: bringing back the glory of the concept album. Evocative soundscapes take the listener on a thrilling journey through the woods, where something dangerous may be lurking amidst the soaring guitar harmonies, linear compositions, and danceable breakdowns. Almost a year in the making, the band recorded and mixed all 10 tracks themselves in their home studio.

Sundays at Six is a free outdoor concert series in Cole Park, Alamosa. Concerts start at 6 p.m. Check out this year’s lineup. In case of bad weather, go to ALMA’s website and Facebook page to find out about cancellations or change of venue.


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