Inspiring Singer-Songwriter Gina Holsopple at Milagros

The Alamosa Live Music Association will host inspiring singer-songwriter Gina Holsopple at 7pm, on September 27, at Milagros Coffeehouse in Alamosa.
Gina captivates audiences with her smooth harmonies and soulful lyrics. Originally from a small community in Kansas, Gina started playing music at a young age. After studying classical music in college, Gina moved to New York City and switched gears to honing her musical talents as a folk artist. Gina has since moved away from the big city and has gone back to live in a rural community where she continues to song write.

While Gina may prefer to live in smaller places, Gina’s songwriting is rooted in bigger issues. One of her musical goals is to “be a part of the circle of musicians working for social and environmental justice and healing”. Similar well-known artists to Gina in this circle are Ani Defranco and Indigo Girls. Gina’s poetic gift with words is well used to bring the listener’s attention to topics ranging from gender and body issues, to relationships, to the environment – all while maintaining a  perspective that is hopeful.  “The words I sing are crucial to what I do” says Gina. “I can sing anything but the question becomes- is it really what I want to say.” In an industry saturated with lyrics loaded with shock value and entertainment, you may find the experience of listening to Gina’s music to be both refreshing and inspiring.

Gina plays Milagros on Friday, September 27 @ 7pm. Tickets are $4 for ALMA members and volunteers – $6 for general admission. You can purchase your tickets at the door.

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