Talented Local Musicians to Help ALMA Raise Funds

This sign should make it easy to find the Bistro Rialto and the ALMA and Friends concert!

Latin classical music, Celtic tunes, local singer-songwriters, acoustic folk, bluegrass, blues and more are on the agenda for the third annual ALMA and friends benefit concert, Fri., April 05, 7pm, at the Bistro Rialto, on the south side of Main St. between San Juan Ave. and and Edison Ave. in Alamosa.

Don Richmond, Antonio Lopez, Rhonda Mouser, Sweet Radish, Reverend and the Blues Pushers, Professor Serious, Lucas Salazar, and Clifford Brown are confirmed performers, with a few surprises sure to come, too. Tickets are $10, and performers are donating their talents, so all proceeds will be used to support Sundays@Six and other Alamosa Live Music Association events.

Sundays@Six has long brought glorious summers of live music to Cole Park, including:

Music wafting through downtown Alamosa on Sunday evenings.

Sunsets peeking through the swaying figures of entertainers grooving on stage.

Dancers moving barefoot on the grass to the beat of some incredible drummer.

Children swinging on the swings as their parents enjoy an evening’s repose.

Potluck picnics with friends from near and far.

Sighs of relief when threatening clouds move from the Sangres to the west, saving us from Showers at Six!

The ALMA and friends concert is a chance to have a great time and help make sure those shows continue.


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