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June, 2012:

High Energy Traditional Jazz Sunday at Six

Playing high-energy traditional jazz, the Grizzlyland Dixie Band is next up for “Sundays @ Six,” a series of free concerts in Alamosa’s Cole Park, presented by the Alamosa Live Music Association (ALMA) this Sun., July 1 at 6pm.

In fall 2011 some Adams State music students, who simply wanted to play more jazz, got together to start the Grizzly Land Dixie Band. The group then became a chamber ensemble led by student director Matthew Ortega and advised by Professor James Doyle in Jan. 2012.

The GLDB has given performances for local charity events, college and university events, and outreach concerts at local schools. One of the purposes of the shows is to promote knowledge and love of the Dixieland style. Originating in New Orleans, Dixieland borrows influences from many genres including gospel, blues, marches, and folk music.

The Grizzlyland Dixie Band plays for more than simply listening pleasure. They are exciting and never stale as their music is filled with improvisation, parading, and emotion. The band includes Adams State music students and alumni.

Blues harmonica wizard John Carey brings his band for Sundays at Six on Sun., July 8, at 6pm, and Don Richmond leads a group of musicians on Sun., July 15 at 6pm, both in Cole Park.

Mariachi San Luis To Get Audience Clapping This Sunday At Six

“By the end of the concert, students were on their feet dancing, laughing and clapping with the traditional Mexican music,” is how the Colorado Springs Gazette described audience reaction to a Mariachi San Luis performance. The Alamosa Live Music Association (ALMA) presents Mariachi San Luis kicking off the “Sundays @ Six,” series of free admission live concerts this Sun., July 18, at 6pm, in Alamosa’s Cole Park. Some of the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of the season traditionally attend Mariachi San Luis shows.

The group began as a result of a conference sponsored by Adobe de Oro – Concilio de Artes held in Alamosa, Colo., in the fall of 1998. Mariachi San Luis is composed of younger students and adults. The group practices twice a week and is run entirely by volunteers. The goal to provide a safe, educational, alcohol and drug-free environment. This vibrant group of musicians has achieved remarkable growth and maturity, which can be attributed to the dedication of the students and a very aggressive performance schedule. The mariachi has performed in communities all over the San Luis Valley, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver and Santa Fe.

Although mariachi music originated in Jalisco, Mexico, groups in the United States have appropriated the style as a proud expression of their heritage, and, although they appeal to audiences of any ethnicity, Mariachi San Luis is a fine example of this movement.

The Grizzlyland Dixie Band plays their high-energy take on traditional New Orleans jazz the next Sun., July 1, at 6pm.


Bluegrass/Blues/Country Mix to Headline SLV Roots Festival, ALMA Shares Sundays at Six Schedule.

The Haunted Windchimes sing!

The Haunted Windchimes’ sound draws from traditional folk and American roots music. The Windchimes headline the inaugural San Luis Valley Roots Festival, this Sat., June 16, at 7pm in the baseball field at Alamosa’s Cole Park..Their songs have a vintage quality, as if they might have been written yesterday or 75 years ago. Grounded in honeyed harmonies and spirited pickin’, they lie in a nowhere land between distinct styles: They’re not quite bluegrass or blues or country. Still, there are elements of all those in this music that paints pictures of empty train stations and nights of passing a jug of moonshine around.

Live performance video – the Haunted Windchimes do Leadbelly


Soulful Fusion of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Funk, at SLV Roots Festival.

Don Conoscenti

Once a die-hard rocker, Don Conoscenti is one of the most respected musicians and critically acclaimed songwriters in acoustic music. Conoscenti will perform with his band at 6pm Sat., June 16, as part of the San Luis Valley Roots Festival on the baseball field at Alamosa, Colo.’s Cole Park. Although Conoscenti’s primary love is the landscape of story telling and songwriting, his band’s live performances are a soulful fusion of styles blended from their experiences playing rock, jazz, blues, folk, funk and country.

The band’s performances are never canned. There are no set lists. Expect to go on an improvisational musical journey of unexpected segues, humorous reflections, stories and songs; and hear songs about lovers, outcasts, healing, loss, mystery, spirit, murder and redemption.

Roots Festival tickets are available on-line and at the Narrow Gauge Newsstand in Alamosa. (more…)