Female Mariachis from Northern New Mexico Play Sunday July 3 at Six

Mariachi Encantadoras del Rio Grande

Mariachi Encantadoras del Rio Grande is a highly regarded group of young female musicians from northern New Mexico, and they play everything from traditional sones to classical works and popurrís for the next in the Alamosa Live Music Association’s Sundays at Six series of free admission concerts in Alamosa’s Cole Park, this Sun., July 3 at 6pm.

Due to construction of the new City Hall near Cole Park, performances will now be taking place on the north end of the park, near the senior center.

Mariachi Encantadoras charms audiences with their experience playing traditional mariachi music in the region. Named “Best Mariachi,” in the 2010 New Mexico Music Commission Talent Showcase, the group includes one vihuela, one guitar, one guitarrón, two trumpets, and four violins.

A down to earth acoustic string band at heart, Sweet Radish‘s music ranges from jazz to bluegrass, from folk to blues. Comprised of Alamosa and San Luis Valley residents, Sweet Radish plays for Sundays at Six in Cole Park on Sun., July 10 at 6pm.

Tasties hot dogs and the San Luis Valley Brewing Company are scheduled to sell food at the summer Sundays at Six shows all season.

ALMA’s gracious members and business sponsors support the free summer “Sundays @ Six,” concerts and other ALMA events.

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